Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Story to Tell

Sixth grade students have a story to tell. And the one they wanted to tell was about Nelson Mandela. This was a multistep project.

First the students used research tools to find information and photos about Mr. Mandela. Students learned to find non-copyrighted photos to use for their projects.  Then they inserted and organized the photos in a tool called PhotoStory. They recorded narration for each slides and added music to the story.  Once it was saved, it became a movie file they shared with the entire class.

Why are they in the halls?  For quiet recording!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Game On!

Entry Screen.
Kahoot is the hottest game in the classroom right now.  Several teachers saw the last PD in your PJs and decided to give this formative assessment game a try.  And the kids love it!

Here's how it works.  The teacher makes a quiz or gets from from the shared area. Shared quizzes can be copied and edited for another teacher's use. Quizzes can include text, pictures or both.

Once a quiz is loaded, a pin code is generated and is shown on the projected screen to the class.

Question on the screen.
Students go to and type in the code that adds them to the game. Then it's game time!  A question is presented at the front of the room with 4 answer choices.  The answer choices are colored coded and shape coded. The student looks at the choices and chooses the correct color/shape answer on their own screen.  Competition can be fierce during these quizzes. I've even heard students begging for the teacher to give another one to better their scores!

Response screen
The most accurate and fastest answer gets the most points. Summaries of responses are shown keeping individual answer anonymous.

Feedback screen.
At the end of a quiz, students are provided a feedback screen.  They rate the quiz according to whether they felt it was productive learning and whether they would recommend this quiz to others.

Getting Smarter Every Day

Sixth grade students have studied various cultures around the world this year. They have just completed research on various religions in the regions of India and were presenting the information they found to their peers.  Students in Mr. Erickson's class used the classroom interactive white board to showcase their work. 

They were given a choice of presentation methods. Some chose a traditional PowerPoint to share, while others used Google Slides. 

A few chose Gamestar Mechanic as a presentation.  They developed a short game for users to learn facts as they progress.

Wiki, Por Favor

First year Spanish students spent a few days researching sports & recreational activities in various countries around the globe. Students interpreted English text into Spanish and included the part English, part Spanish prose onto a classroom wiki. They included maps, videos, and hyperlinks in their wiki pages for interest.