Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Our library received a 70 inch interactive TV (IT) as part of the Next Generation Digital Classroom pilot. It's a huge touch-screen monitor! The librarian and I have been using it during our presentations of the iPad and the QR code scavenger hunt. The students have also been infatuated using Paint on it - creating their own class 'walls' of graffiti.  

I will admit, when I first saw it, I thought the coaches would really love to use this with the players. Sure enough, Coach Azios came into the library yesterday afternoon with a group of players. They used IT to go over some plays.  Maybe that's why they won the game!

Jamestown - Minecraft Style

Mr. Collin Fletcher, 8th grade American History, is no stranger to games. He had been thinking about students re-creating Jamestown using Minecraft.  Head on over to my Minecraft blog (Teksploration in Minecraft) to read more.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Quick Response Codes / Our First NGDC Activity

 Our library was selected as one of eighteen in the district to pilot tablets. We received a set of iPads as well as a 70-inch touch screen monitor.  It is customary for the students to attend library orientation each year to find out about what the library offers. 

We thought it would be fun for the kids to find out for themselves what the library has.  Mrs. Stiles created QR codes that linked to various library topics like book genres, and library databases. Then she scattered the QR codes in various places throughout the library. The QR code reader app installed was i-nigma. We gave the kids an orientation on handling and care of the iPads before turning them loose to find the QR codes and the hidden information.  Some links opened web sites, while others opened up engaging videos. They enjoyed 'the hunt' as they worked in pairs to explore the library. It appears that the iPads are a hit!

Math in Motion

The past few weeks have been a non-stop whirl of activity and a lot of it was centered around technology.  Our first day at the canyon is always the A-game day. That means teachers have really engaging lessons to get the students excited about the new school year.  Math teacher Mrs. Downs began the year in Geometry by having them log on to Geometer's Sketchpad. Take a look at this lesson about the relationship between lines.

And speaking of math, Mrs. Loose's eighth grade Algebra came to the lab to use Desmos Graphing Calculator. This free online program graphs functions, plots tables of data, evaluates equations and a whole lot more!

Take a look at some of the things the kids were doing with graphs.