Monday, October 20, 2014

Virtual Lesson

Next Generation teacher, Will Waghorne is going virtual with the Aurasma app on his set of iPads. With Aurasma, you take a snapshot of a trigger picture, then you video a segment to go with it. If that particular trigger picture is scanned with the Aurasma app, the associated video will play!

His history classes researched Revolution figures and came up with a script to create a video "living portrait" Note the following pictures. The first one is students shooting video for those. The next three are snapshots of the Aurasma app, and the last is a student viewing the portraits. Mr. Waghorne notes "I think the students will like seeing their work presented in this way."

Friday, October 17, 2014

Story Time

Last week our English Language Learners got a chance to write and read stories. They had a choice of Sock Puppets or Puppet Pal apps on the iPads for recording and animating the stories.  They had a great time making them!  Here's a sample for your enjoyment.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Canyon Treasure

Art teacher Mary Loera is using technoogy to share student art! Mary always shares student art, but it's the way in which it is shared that is so unique and creative. What better way for students to share than wear! Mary created a t-shirt design to advertise the artwork. The front displays a hashtag, while the back sporsts a QR Code (with mustang in the middle). Scanning the QR code takes you to the Mustang Visual Arts Gallery.  The shirts come in t-shirt or hoodie as modeled here by 2 of our six graders.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

World Cultures PBL

Sixth graders have just completed their first Problem Based Learning assignment.  As creators of a new country, their task was to study various forms of government and persuasively present their findings to the audience.  They looked at two perspectives - one from the view of the government and the other from the view of the governed.  This was a student-centered project. They formed teams, researched and created presentations  while the teachers facilitated any discussions. 

Friday was the culmination of the projects with a presentation to the other social study classes as well as the campus administrators. Students chose a wide variety of presentation methods - from traditional PowerPoint, Prezi and Google Slides to creative animations with Powtoon.  

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mustang Discoverers Find Apps

Our sixth graders spend 12 weeks in a technology discovery class with Mrs. Wilkinson.  They are always doing amazing things!  Last week was a discovery of apps - students researched various apps and then shared what they found out with their class!  Here's what Mrs. Wilkinson had to say:

"I just witnessed some really impressive and cool apps for students to use during App Week!

App Recommendations for Students:
-iMovie- only on Apple devices, great video editor
-Khan Academy- available through the Google Chrome Store, amazing app that allows students to practice and learn a variety of subjects including computer programming
-Duolingo- available through the Google Chrome Store, super awesome language learning app, reading, writing, and speaking!
-Biodigital Human- available through the Google Chrome Store, incredible app that allows students to learn the body, anatomy, and diseases
-Planetarium- available through the Google Chrome Store, interactive sky map that shows students the stars and constellations
-3D Solar System Simulator- available through the Google Chrome Store, takes students through the universe to see planets orbit and gain more information about them
-VocabMonk- available through the Google Chrome Store, helps students build their vocabulary
-3D Tin- available through the Google Chrome Store, 3D modeling!
-EasyBib (extension)- available through the Google Chrome Store, helps students cite their sources with correct documentation
-StudyStack- available through the Google Chrome Store, great flashcard and review app

Planning and organization apps for students (and teachers):
-Google Calendar

Apps for Teachers (all available through the Google Chrome Store):
-The QR Code Generator
-Turn Off the Lights- blackens the background when showing videos on YouTube
-Nearpod- allows you to go through slideshows with students on devices and quiz them throughout the presentation"