Friday, November 21, 2014

Sushi Monster

Power math students had a great time today using Sushi Monster to practice multiplication skills. The idea is to find numbers that multiply together to make the number that hangs around the monster's neck.  Get it right, the player gets points; get it wrong and the monster gets angry. Problems start with 2 multipliers, but quickly progresses to 3 multipliers. The students reported it was fun and challenging. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

It's elementary !

Eighth grade students are seeing the periodic table in a new light. They are using the iPads and an app called Elements 4D to bring the elements to life. The app developer, Daqri, makes a cube template to use with the app.  Students put the cubes together the old fashioned way...with scissors and glue. Each side of the cube shows a different element. They use the app to scan the sides of the cube. It brings up information about the element, shows the bore model, and a graphic of the element.  The gold block turns gold and even reflects light.  When 2 cubes that would combine to make something are bumped together, the app dings and show the bond formula.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Canyon Echoes Broadcast

Mrs. Wilkinson's Canyon Echoes staff works hard each week preparing the Canyon Echoes online newsletter ( Students decide which articles they will research and write about each week. They interview teachers, students, and staff about all the events going on in their school.  This has helped our school community to learn more about each other.  In addition, the students are publishing a monthly newsletter titled "The Potty Press". This is posted in the student restrooms.  The newsletter provides students tips for studying, eating healthy and important upcoming events.

This year, they have added a new feature to the online newsletter.  They have been doing a weekly newscast.   Student broadcasters develop script and deliver the news in front of a green screen. Several students go out to campus events for filming, while others interview students and staff about relevant topics.  Then editing goes into action, putting all of the video clips together to create the newscast. These productions are so professional - it's hard to remember that they are middle school students!  This broadcast will be the last for this year! Check it out!

11-07-14 Broadcast from Canyon Echoes on Vimeo.