Monday, December 8, 2014

Beyond the Four Walls

Last week, students in Texas History and in Leadership classes learned a new skill - video chatting.  The Texas History classes visited with the Bob Bullock Museum through their distance learning program.  They offer several programs, but this particular occasion was devoted to the program titled "Gone to Texas: Part of the Nation's Immigration Story". Students learned about the 4 waves of immigration to Texas - why and how they came, as well as circumstances going on across the sea. In this interactive session, students examined artifacts from the museum and discussed their uses and meaning. For most 7th graders, this was their first interactive video chat.  It was a big success and I'm sure we'll have more chats with them.

Our second instance of video chat also happened last week. The leadership students will be developing 3 project proposals for our school educating others about forms of hate and how to respond as allies to targets and those who are aggressive towards the targets. Mrs. Hobbs heard JC Pohl before school started and suggested the students consider his programs. Students researched his programs, developed questions and interviewed him via Google hangout. They will make final decisions collaboratively across the leadership classes about what they will do.