Thursday, September 17, 2015

Storytelling from a Distance

Today is Global Collaboration Day. Free events from across the globe were created by teachers. Any class that wished to join could an event. Events such as video chats, collaborative projects and online polls were available - 112 events and projects were submitted.

Students in Mrs. Malo's 5th period Spanish class took advantage of such an opportunity today provided by Viviana Lopez LarretChart of Colegio Newlands school in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They took part in a Google Hangout on Air (video chat) with children from Argentina as well as other school-aged citizens from the U.S.   

Prior to the video chat, the  hosting class sent us a slideshow of vocabulary that the story would include. Then today, during the Hangout, they read us a story about the legend of Yerba Mate in Spanish and then told us what it was in English. After the story, the students told us about the custom of drinking Mate and demonstrated making it with traditional materials. We followed up with questions and exchanged 'so-longs'.

That was a fantastic experience for all of us.

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