Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Monday was a very exciting day at the canyon. Late last Friday, we were given an opportunity to be a part of the Google Expedition Pioneer program and we jumped at that chance. I scheduled a full day of 15 teachers to bring classes to the lab and library to participate.   

Our administrators weren't left out either - they all came to try it out!

Google Expeditions Pioneer Program is brand new. It is being piloted across the world in the U.S., Australia, U.K. and Brazil. It is a virtual reality system using Google Cardboard and either an Android or iOS phone. Currently, an expedition consists of going to a location on Earth, the Moon, or Mars. Cardboard viewers have been around for a while, but this program adds the dimension of teacher control for a classroom of Cardboard users.

So how does it work? The teacher tablet and the cardboard viewers are connected through a server. Teachers select a location in an expedition and the signal is sent to the paired Cardboard viewers. The teacher is able to direct students to look at something in particular and sees smiley faces that represent where students are viewing. In only a couple of clicks, the teacher can change the location within an expedition to a different viewpoint. It was also very easy for a teacher to change to an entirely different expedition. 

Once the students receive the photo, they can view it from any angle - the picture is 360 degrees. Students look up, down, turn around and get the sensation of being in that environment.


It was an exciting, engaging, active day of traveling around the world!  We look forward to the day it becomes available for schools to have them.

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