Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Musicians at work

For years professionals have created audio books for our listening pleasure. The computerized version became known as podcasts. Some podcasts are singular in nature, while others come in a series. A user can subscribe to a feed to accumulate all of the work of a serial podcast. 

Students in Mrs. Fritch's 8th grade ELA classes have been using their class iPads to create their first podcast. 

The assignment was to create a personal narrative podcast. The first step was to draft and write the narrative. 

After a basic lesson on using garage on the iPads by the ITS, they recorded themselves reading their creations. They spent several days creating their own musical compositions to complement the mood or actions of the reading.

GarageBand is a music composition tool native to the iPads. many instruments such as strings, guitars, basses and percussion are included in the toolkit. GarageBand provides tools for people who are not musicians as well as advanced features for people who are. Pre-made loops and instrument samples are provided for those who want to create musical pieces quickly.  Advanced users can connect their own electronic musical instruments to an iPad to record their own unique sounds.

The results are quite impressive and I am including a sample below.

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