Monday, November 9, 2015

More than the basics

Occasionally we have early release days where students go to classes for most of the day, but then leave while teachers have PD. During the last one, our school decided to have an enrichment program. Teachers decided on what they would teach and students selected 4 courses they would like to take. While that was a huge undertaking to get everyone scheduled, the results turned out very successful.  We had a wonderful variety of topics from outdoor activities to technology to crafts and even pumpkin carving.

One such project was students creating story with images hosted by 8th grade history teacher, Mrs. Neill. You can see that many areas where touched on - writing, safe and legal searching and creativity.

"The students thought of a story they could tell using five images and I showed them an example I had created.  I suggested a history event they've been studying or a narrative they've worked on in ELA.  I also gave them the choice of a seasonal tale since the website had a Halloween-themed option at the time or a fairy tale if they had writer's block.  I reminded them to make sure they were using Google safe search and we reviewed how to use advanced search settings for ''free to use, share, or modify" images and how to save an image.  They set up an account using their student email (14-day free trial) then created the Animoto.  I gave them a quick overview of how to upload the images, rearrange the slides, and edit the captions. They were to encouraged to increase the length with additional images and play with the other features, such as adding customized sound, if they had enough time.  "

Here are a few of the stories.

Cats in the Glade by Fiona 

The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood by Nickhil 

Spooky Scary Skeletons by Jack

Back to the Future, Part 4
William even added drawings over dinosaur pics before composing his video.

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