Monday, March 23, 2015

Poetry in Motion

Mrs. Jalil, sixth grade English teacher  had a vision to bring poetry alive!  She guided her students to use the iPads in the library. In particular, students used the app Chatterpix, by Duck Duck Moose. This free app allows a student to take a picture of something, draw a line where a mouth should be and then record up to a 30 second audio recording.  In this case, students recorded the poems they had written. After recording, the app connects the mouth with sound and make it appear that the object in the picture is talking. Students can add effects or props to the photo for bringing the object to life.

Video Study

Eighth grade history teacher Heather Neill has an innovative approach for student test reviews.  If a student creates a review video, they get extra credit points.  In addition, Mrs. Neill shows the video in class.  This acts as a review not only for the student creating the work, but for the entire class.  The videos are uploaded to YouTube and posted on her website making learning available 24/7.  Here are a couple of examples for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Diary of Anne Frank - Virtually

Eighth grade ELA classes have begun their study of Diary of Anne Frank.  This year, they are using technology to boost their understanding of the time period and the culture of that time.   

In this photo, Mrs. Olson instructs a student on how to manipulate the virtual tour of the Anne Frank house.  

Try it out yourself. Walk through the secret bookcase and see where the Frank family and van Pels family spent two years of their lives hidden from the wicked world.

View videos from the time period. Learn about the eight people that lived their lives here.