Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Connections Across the State - Really Long Distance Learning (Part 2)

Mrs. Rainey's sixth grade class also participated in an interactive video conference last week with the McDonald Observatory and several other classes from around the state. 

First, students were oriented to the location of the observatory and were given a brief tour of the observatory. The door in the roof slowly opened and the telescope was positioned for viewing Venus. Students were questioned as to what they thought they would see and then he turned the telescope on to see Venus live. It was oddly shaped and he explained that, from our perspective, Venus goes through phases. He shared a drawing from Galileo' observations of Venus that reflects the same phases we see.

Connections Across the State - Distance Learning

Mrs. Mattioli's French students were able to participate in an interactive video conference with a museum educator from the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin. they offer many free lessons for classrooms to join.  The French students enjoyed a session on the La Belle. This was one of La Salle's ships he sailed from France to start colonization in America. The presenter told us the story of La Salle and how he came to Texas and how this ship ended up sunk off the Texas coast. She shared artifacts found and films of the excavation of the ship.  As it turns out, this museum was built to hold the ship.

The French class will be following up on the conference by taking a field trip down to the museum to see the ship in person. If you're interested, the exhibition "La Belle: The Ship That Changed History" will be at the Bob Bullock until May 17 and will return again later in the year.